Umrah Packages Pakistan 2024 – Umrah Cost from Pakistan

Umrah basically is a journey to the House of Allah and an opportunity to come close to Him.

So, are you planning a trip to Makkah? Wondering what you should expect at the Holy Places? Curious about how to prepare for this and make the most of it? Are you are looking for Umrah packages 2024 in Pakistan, then this article is perfect for you. Read on for answers to all these questions, and more!

This article has a list of Umrah packages for 2024 in Pakistan so that you can make your choice. There are many packages with different prices and services that you can choose from, this article will give you complete information about them.

As we all know that Umrah is a mandatory obligation for every Muslim who can afford to perform the journey to Makkah and has no other excuse for not doing so. Every year, Muslims from all across the world come together in the holiest city of Islam – Makkah, Saudi Arabia to carry out this religious obligation.

It is considered one of the five pillars of Islam and is obligatory for all Muslims who are safe, healthy, and able and have the means to do it. That is why we is providing you a safe and hassle-free way so that you can perform your Umrah and Hajj without any difficulties.

What Is Umrah?

In accordance with Islamic tradition, Muslims can do the Umrah pilgrimage to Makkah at any season of the year. Although the pilgrimage of Umrah is not obligatory by Islam, many devout Muslims opt to take part in it. Even though the Umrah can be done at any period of the year, the actual time spent traveling and in Makkah will change according to the time of year.

The peak seasons are usually during the months of Hajj (when millions of Muslims descend upon Makkah to perform the Hajj) and Ramadan (when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk). However, many people also choose to perform the Umrah during the non-peak seasons to avoid the large crowds.Its a dream for every Muslim to visit holy places at least once in a lifetime.

There are a number of different types of Umrah packages available, depending on your budget and the level of luxury you are looking for. The most basic packages will just cover your transport and accommodation costs, while more comprehensive packages will also include meals, guided tours, and other extras.

When choosing an Umrah package, it is important to do some research to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. There are a number of reputable tour operators who offer Umrah packages, so take your time to compare prices and services before making a decision.

Overall, an Umrah package can be a great way to save money and make the most of your pilgrimage to Makkah. With so many different options available, there is sure to be a package that is perfect for you.

Why Do People Undertake the Umrah Pilgrimage?

The Umrah trip is undertaken by many for a variety of reasons. For some people, performing this ritual is an obligatory part of their faith and must be done at least once in their lives. Others see it as a time of reflection and spiritual development. Still, others see it as an opportunity to learn about the spiritual significance of the pilgrimage by visiting Makkah and soaking in the vibrant Saudi culture.

Whatever the reason, undertaking the Umrah pilgrimage is a life-changing experience. It is an opportunity to connect with Allah (SWT) in a very special way and to develop a deeper understanding of one’s faith. It is also a chance to meet other Muslims from all over the world and forge new friendships and bonds.

What Are Umrah’s Rituals?

There are a number of rituals associated with the Islamic pilgrimage known as Umrah. These rituals include making a journey to the holy city of Makkah, performing certain rites and prayers at the Kaaba (the holiest site in Islam), and then circling the Kaaba seven times.

After completing these initial rites, pilgrims then proceed to the nearby hill of Arafat where they spend the afternoon in prayer and contemplation. The final ritual is known as the Tawaf, which involves circling the Kaaba seven times in a counter-clockwise direction.

Pilgrims who complete all of these rituals are said to have completed the Umrah. This is a religious obligation for all Muslims who are able to make the journey to Makkah.

How Do You Get an Umrah Visa?

To obtain an Umrah visa, you must first apply for one through the Saudi Arabian Embassy. The application process can vary depending on which country you are applying from. Once your application has been approved, you will be issued a visa that is valid for three months. For your ease is providing hassle free process of applying visa for Umrah. help you to begin making travel arrangements to Saudi Arabia in which accommodation, travelling and visa process. Most people choose to fly into Jeddah, as it is the closest airport to Makkah. Once you arrive in Saudi Arabia, you will need to obtain a travel permit from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. This permit allows you to travel within the country for the purpose of performing Umrah.

When you have obtained your travel permit, you can then proceed to Makkah. There are a number of different ways to get to Makkah, depending on your budget and preferences. You can take a bus, train, or even fly into the city.

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Once you arrive in Makkah, you will need to perform a number of rituals in order to complete your Umrah. These include visiting the Kaaba, circumambulating the Holy Mosque, and performing Tawaf. After completing these rituals, you can then return home.

Who Should Do Umrah?

Umrah can be performed by anyone of any age; there is no minimum or maximum age requirement. However, individuals who are in good physical and mental condition are strongly urged to perform the pilgrimage.

It is easy to become mentally and physically worn out when performing the Umrah pilgrimage. Ask yourself if you are up to the challenge of planning a vacation before you go ahead and choose the dates.

Those who have reached the age of 18 and are older are typically considered to be the most qualified candidates to conduct Umrah. If you are under the age of 18, you may still be able to perform Umrah; however, you will need the permission of your parents or guardians in order to do so.

Inquire about the process at your travel agency to find out whether there are any additional requirements for passengers under the age of 18.

How Much Does It Cost for an Umrah Visa in Pakistan?

The price of an Umrah visa in Pakistan varies from one package to the next depending on what you select to include in your trip. The most affordable packages start at roughly 1 lacs in Pakistani rupees, while the most luxurious packages might cost as much as 4 lacs in Pakistani rupees.

The visa price for Umrah is approximately RS. 50,000 if you are traveling from Pakistan. The majority of travel agencies, on the other hand, incorporate the cost of the visa into the overall package price.

When it comes to planning your trip, you also need to take into consideration the other fees involved. These costs include those for travel to and from the airport, as well as for plane travel, hotel stays, and other accommodations.

It is crucial to research the pricing offered by various travel providers before deciding on an Umrah package. This will allow you to ensure that you are receiving the greatest value available.

What Are the Benefits of an Umrah Packages 2024 Pakistan?

Umrah packages in 2024 Pakistan come with a number of advantages that are worth considering. One of the primary advantages is that it offers the possibility of substantial financial savings. Typically, your plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation are all included in an Umrah package.

This eliminates the need for you to bother about making separate reservations and payments for the aforementioned activities.

Another advantage of purchasing an Umrah package is the fact that it might make the entire procedure a great deal less complicated. When you book an Umrah package, everything, including accommodations, transportation, and food, will be taken care of for you. This allows you to focus on the journey itself rather than on the mechanics of getting there.

Last but not least, an Umrah package can also provide you with a sense of calm and relaxation. When you order an Umrah package, you can rest assured that everything will be handled for you and that all of the necessary arrangements will have been completed in advance. This can assist to lessen levels of tension and make the experience as a whole more enjoyable.

What Are the Things to Consider When Choosing an Umrah Packages?

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an Umrah packages. First, it is important to make sure that the package includes all of the necessary items for the Umrah ritual. This includes a white ihram, prayer mat, and stones for the stoning ritual.

It is also important to consider the price of the Umrah package. Some Umrah packages may be more expensive than others, but it is important to make sure that the Umrah package is affordable.

Another thing to consider is the length of the Umrah package. Some Umrah packages may only include the essentials for the Umrah, while others may include additional services such as tours and hotel accommodations. It is important to choose an Umrah package that meets your needs and budget.

Finally, it is important to read reviews of different Umrah packages before making a decision. This will help you get an idea of what other people have experienced with different companies. With so many options available, taking the time to do some research can help you find the best possible deal.

What Are the Different Types of Umrah Packages In Pakistan?

In Pakistan, you can choose from several different Umrah packages. All-inclusive packages, which cover everything from airfare and lodging to transportation and food, are by far the most common. This package is perfect for individuals who want to arrive in Saudi Arabia and immediately begin to sit back and enjoy themselves.

There are also more basic packages available, which typically just include flights and accommodation. These packages are often cheaper but may not include all the extras that the all-inclusive packages do.

Finally, there are tailor-made packages available, which are designed specifically for Pakistani pilgrims. These packages often include specialized services such as guidance on how to perform the Umrah rituals correctly.

What Is the Family Umrah Packages 2024?

The family Umrah packages 2024 is a special type of package offered by many travel agencies which includes the facilities of air ticketing, hotel bookings, and transportation for an entire family. This type of Umrah package is especially designed for those who want to perform Umrah with their families.

The main advantage of opting for a family Umrah packages 2024 is that it helps to save a lot of money as compared to booking everything separately. In addition, it also provides peace of mind as everything is taken care of by the travel agency.

If you are planning to perform Umrah with your family in the near future, make sure to look for a reputed and reliable travel agency that offers good family Umrah packages. This will help to ensure that your trip goes smoothly and you are able to make the most of your religious journey.

What Is the Umrah Ticket Price in Pakistan 2024?

Many Muslims make the journey to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, to do the Umrah. It is one of Islam’s 5 pillars and must be fulfilled by all physically and financially capable Muslims. Although Umrah pilgrims can make the journey at any season of the year, the most popular months are December and January.

The cost of an Umrah package varies depending on the time of year and the provider, but it typically starts from around 1,00,000 per person. There are many different types of Umrah packages available, so it is important to do some research to find one that suits your needs and budget.

If you are planning to go to the Umrah, make sure to start planning early and be prepared for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What Are Umrah Packages 2024 of Rawalpindi?

There are many different types of Umrah packages available in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The most popular ones include the 3-day, 5-day, and 7-day packages.

The 3-day package is the most basic and it includes all the necessary things that you need for your Umrah such as the visa, airfare, hotel, and transportation.

The 5-day package includes all of the above plus some extras such as meals and a tour guide.

The 7-day package covers all the bases, providing you with a private car, a tour guide, and VIP service at the airport, among other luxuries

No matter which Umrah package you choose, you will be sure to have an amazing and memorable experience!

What Are Umrah Packages Lahore With Ticket Price 2024?

Tickets for airline travel are often included in Umrah packages departing from Lahore; however, this is not always the case. If flight is included in the Umrah Package Price 2024, the overall cost of the package may be subject to change as a result. Because of this, the flight is something that must be booked separately from the Umrah package.

We at take great satisfaction in the fact that we are able to offer the most dependable services at the most competitive pricing for Umrah journeys that leave from Lahore in 2024. You will also be able to receive assistance in acquiring a Visa from the travel firm that is supplying you with these Umrah Package Deals.

Additional services acquired in Saudi Arabia. Your lodging provider will be responsible for providing you with transportation to and from the airport. Your Umrah package can include meals served in the evening at the hotel where you are staying.

The aid provided by these Best Umrah Packages from Lahore will continue right up till the point when the package has expired and the traveler has returned to Pakistan. It will come as a source of great relief to learn that the Saudi government has abolished the tax penalty of 2,000 Saudi Riyals that had been levied on Muslims who performed the Umrah pilgrimage twice within the same calendar year.

The cost of Umrah packages 2024 Islamabad lies between 1 lakh to 2 lakhs in PKR.

The Umrah packages 2024 Rawalpindi starts from 80,000 and goes above 1,00,000.

What Are the Umrah Packages Total Cost 2024?

The cost of Umrah packages varies depending on the season and the type of package you choose. Generally, the prices range from 1,00,000 to 4,00,000. The most popular Umrah package is the full-service package, which includes airfare, accommodation, and transportation.

If you are on a budget, you can choose a less expensive package that does not include airfare or transportation. No matter what type of package you choose, make sure to do your research before booking anything. Compare prices and services from different companies to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

What Are the 7 Days Umrah Package, 15 Days Umrah Package, 21 Days Umrah Package and 28 Days Umrah Package From Pakistan 2024?

There are many different types of Umrah packages available from Pakistan. The most popular ones are the 7 days Umrah package, the 15 days Umrah package, the 21 days Umrah package, and the 28 days Umrah package.

The 7 days Umrah package from Pakistan is the most basic and shortest option. It includes flights, accommodation, and transportation to and from the airport.

The 15 days Umrah package from Pakistan is a bit more comprehensive. It includes flights, accommodation and transportation to and from the airport, meals, and some sightseeing tours.

The 21 days Umrah package from Pakistan is the most complete option. It includes everything in the 15 days Umrah package, plus additional sightseeing tours and activities.

The 28 days Umrah package from Pakistan is the ultimate option. It includes everything in the 21 days Umrah package, plus even more sightseeing tours and activities.

How Much Is the Umrah Cost From Pakistan?

The cost of Umrah from Pakistan varies depending on the package you choose. The most basic packages start at around RS. 50,000, while more comprehensive packages can cost up to RS. 4 lakh. The exact and total cost of your Umrah will also depend on factors such as the time of year you travel and the number of people in your group.

What Are the Hajj 2024 Packages Pakistan Government Price?

All Muslims who are physically able must make the hajj pilgrimage to Makkah at least once in their lives. The Pakistani government has not yet released the cost of hajj packages for 2024. However, Pakistani citizens can usually expect government-issued discounts on hajj packages.

Hajj packages typically include airfare, hotel accommodations, and transportation to and from Makkah. Some packages also include meals and other amenities. The hajj is a physically demanding journey, so it is important to make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared before embarking on this religious pilgrimage.

What Are the Umrah Package 2024 Pakistan?

There are many different types of Umrah packages available, depending on your budget and needs. You can choose from all-inclusive packages that cover everything from your flights and accommodation to your food and transport, or you can opt for a more basic package that just covers your flights and accommodation.

Whichever type of package you choose, make sure that it is from a reputable source and includes all the necessary components for a successful and hassle-free journey.

When choosing an Umrah package, it is important to consider your own personal circumstances and needs. If you have any medical conditions or dietary requirements, make sure that these are included in your package. Also, take into account the number of people travelling with you as this will affect the price of your package.

The Umrah package 2024 Pakistan is an all-inclusive package that will allow you to focus on your spiritual journey without having to worry about the logistics. Contact today to learn more about our packages and how we can help you plan your perfect pilgrimage.

What Are the Group Umrah Packages 2024 Karachi?

There are many different types of Umrah packages available in Karachi. The most popular ones are the group Umrah packages. These packages usually include Umrah ticket, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation.

The group Umrah packages can be customized according to your budget and preferences. You can choose the type of room you want to stay in, the number of days you want to stay, and the activities you want to do while you are in Karachi.

The group Umrah packages are a great way to save money on your Umrah trip. They are also a great way to meet other people who are going on the same trip. This can be a great way to make new friends and memories.

Is Umrah Open Now for Pakistan 2024?

Yes! Umrah is open now for Pakistan 2024. But in a recent announcement, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah stated that in order to enter Saudi Arabia, abroad Umrah pilgrims would no longer be required to produce evidence of having passed a negative PCR or rapid antigen test.

The decision was reached since the number of COVID cases in the Kingdom has been on the fall since the commencement of the new Umrah season on August 3, 2022. This date marks the start of the annual pilgrimage. It is essential, however, to stress that the requirement that COVID-19 treatment expense reimbursement be provided by health insurance plans continues to be in effect.

What Is the Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa Price in Pakistan 2024?

After resuming Hajj and Umrah the visa prices were revised by Saudi Arabia. The new price of an e-visa is between 65,000 to 75,000 PKR.

What Is Saudi Ticket Price in Pakistan 2024?

After resuming Hajj and Umrah, Pakistan to Saudi Arabia ticket price is 92,728 PKR for 2023-2024.

What Are the New Rules Imposed by Saudi for Umrah?

After Covid-19 Saudi Arabia resumed Hajj and Umrah services after 1 and half year along with some new rules.

  • Pilgrims are only allowed to perform the Umrah in the absence of a vaccine if they can provide evidence that they have not been infected with the Covid-19 virus or that they have not come into contact with ill people.
  • Visitors who intend to perform the Hajj in Saudi Arabia are free from the need that they submit a PCR or rapid antigen test, which was previously in place.
  • Quarantine is not required for pilgrims who are traveling to Saudi Arabia for the purpose of participating in the Hajj.
  • In public areas, it is no longer necessary to conceal your identity by dressing up or maintaining your distance from other people. This necessitates the separation of worshipers attending the Two Holy Mosques as well as all of the other mosques located around the nation (masks are still required indoors).
  • Pilgrims can now plan their Umrah permits in advance by utilizing either the Umrahna or Tawakkalna applications on their mobile devices.
  • Once they have arrived at their destination, travelers do not need to re-register for the Muqeem app. Participants in Tawakkalna who are up-to-date on their vaccinations are strongly urged to enroll in the program so that they have something impressive to brag about.

What Is the Hajj Price in Pakistan 2024 Today?

The hajj rate in Pakistan 2024 today is 1100,000 including all amenities.

What Is the Hajj Day 2024 in Pakistan?

The Hajj Day in 2024 in Pakistan will begin in the evening of Monday, 26th of June and will end in the evening of Saturday 1st of July.

What Is the Hajj Policy 2024?

The long-awaited Hajj Policy 2024 has finally been published by Pakistan’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, which is excellent news for those who had hoped to undertake the Hajj in Pakistan in the coming years.

Regardless of the fact that it hasn’t yet received the final Hajj data from the Government of Saudi Arabia, the Pakistani government has decided to begin registration of Hujjaj for the year 2024 in accordance with the new policy. This decision was made despite the fact that Pakistan has not yet received the data.

The most recent press release included announcements regarding the following significant aspects:

  • It is acceptable to use the applications provided by banks (Date will be announced).
  • The use of bank applications is permitted (Date will be announced).
  • 50,000 need to be paid as token money from applicants.
  • The remaining sum will be required as soon as the Hajj policy as a whole has been approved.
  • Applicants must be younger than 65 years old.
  • It is anticipated that the cost of performing Hajj this year will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 lakh to 10 lakh Rupees.
  • You must get a booster dose of the COVID vaccine.
  • There is a total quota of 81,132 pilgrims who are allowed to perform the Hajj. The government is responsible for providing for forty percent of those pilgrims, while private companies are responsible for providing for sixty percent of the remaining pilgrims.

What Is the Hajj Package 2024 Pakistan Price?

Participating in the government-funded Hajj program has varying costs across regions. If you live in Karachi, Sukkur, or Quetta, the Hajj package will cost you PKR 7 lacs 45,967 without the Qurbani and PKR 7 lacs 91,337 with it. Bringing a child on the pilgrimage will cost an extra PKR three thousand one hundred.

From the cities of Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Rahim Yar Khan, Sialkot and Faisalabad the cost of completing Hajj is PKR 755,017 if Qurbani is included, PKR 800,387 if Qurbani isn’t included. And an extra PKR 4,000 for pilgrims carrying a child.

A 5-star package with a number of indulgences can set you back between PKR 7 lacs to PKR 9 lacs, though this can differ from one authorized private Hajj operator to the next. A 5-star package will set you back PKR 9 lacs, while the economical option would set you back PKR 7 lacs. If you want more details on the prices, you could get in touch with

What Is the Last Year’s Hajj Price in Pakistan?

Due to the economic situation, the cost of hajj and Umrah is getting high. Today’s cost is very high compared to previous year prices. The last year hajj prices in Pakistan were around 5,00,000.

What Are the Hajj Packages for Couples?

There are many different hajj packages available for couples. Some of the most popular packages include the Standard Hajj Package, the Deluxe Hajj Package, and the Executive Hajj Package.

The Standard Hajj Package:

It includes round-trip airfare, transportation to and from the airport, accommodation in a 3-star hotel, and all meals.

The Deluxe Hajj Package:

It includes everything in the Standard Hajj Package, plus accommodation in a 5-star hotel and private transportation to and from the airport.

The Executive Hajj Package:

It includes everything in the Deluxe Hajj Package, plus a VIP meet-and-greet at the airport and priority boarding on flights.

All of these packages can be customized to meet your specific needs and budget. Contact to learn more about the different hajj packages available.

List of Hajj 2024 Packages Pakistan

There are many different types of Hajj packages available in Pakistan. The most popular ones include the 5-star, deluxe, and budget-friendly packages.

The 5-star Hajj Packages:

This hajj package usually includes luxurious accommodation and transportation. They can be quite expensive but they offer a once in a lifetime experience.

The Deluxe Hajj Packages:

This hajj package offer a more moderate level of comfort and luxury. They are a great option for those who want to enjoy the holy sites without breaking the bank.

The Budget-Friendly Hajj Packages:

This hajj package is perfect for those who are looking to save money. They often include basic accommodation and transportation, but they still allow you to enjoy all of the holy sites.

What Are Ziarat Packages from Karachi 2024?

There are many different types of ziarat packages available in Karachi. Some of the most popular ziarat packages include Umrah, Hajj, and ziarat.

Umrah packages usually include airfare, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation. Hajj packages typically include airfare, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation to Makkah and Medina. Ziarat packages can vary depending on the destination, but often include airfare, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation.

We at always recommend an Umrah packages that are according to your budget and your needs. There are many different types of ziarat packages available, so be sure to do your research before making a decision. Choose a package that will best suit your needs and your budget.

What Is the Air Blue Ticket Price Rate from Karachi to Lahore?

The air blue ticket price rate from Karachi to Lahore costs between 17,800 to 22,300 PKR for one-way trip. And for round trip it costs between 16,810 to 24,608 PKR.

What Is the Karachi to Jeddah Ticket Price?

The air blue ticket price rate from Karachi to Jeddah cosst between 61,979 to 69,689 PKR for round trip. And for one-way trip costs between 64,832 to 73,210 PKR.

What Are the Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan?

There are many different honeymoon packages available from Pakistan. Some of the most popular include the following:

  • The All-Inclusive Package: This package includes airfare, hotel accommodations, and all meals and activities for a set price.
  • The Luxury Package: This package includes airfare, hotel accommodations, and all meals and activities, as well as private transfers and VIP access to certain attractions.
  • The Budget Package: This package includes airfare and hotel accommodations for a set price. Meals and activities are not included in the price.

No matter what your budget is, there is a honeymoon package from Pakistan that is perfect for you.

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