How to Plan And Perform Umrah Step by Step from Pakistan

Umrah is an important pilgrimage for Muslims, as it has been prescribed by Allah in the Quran. It teaches us to remember our Creator and be humble before Him. Umrah also teaches us about sacrifice and patience, which are essential qualities of a believer.

The average cost of performing Umrah in Pakistani currency depends on various factors such as duration of stay, type of accommodation chosen, mode of transportation etc., but typically ranges from PKR 70-150 thousand per person (including airfare).

Step 1: Obtaining Umrah Visa:

The first step to perform Umrah is obtaining an Umrah visa from the Saudi Embassy in Pakistan. The applicant must have a valid passport with at least six months validity and two blank pages for stamping. Along with the application form, other documents such as photographs and proof of residence are also required. Once the application is approved, you will receive your visa within 10-15 days.

Step 2: Book Flight Tickets & Accommodation:

Once you obtain your visa, it’s time to book flight tickets from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia according to your travel dates. You can either choose direct flights or connecting ones depending on availability and budget constraints. It’s advisable that you book accommodation near Haram Sharif so that all religious activities remain convenient for you during your stay in Makkah or Madinah Munawwara (as per choice).

Step 3 : Pre-Umrah Rituals/Preparations :

Before proceeding towards Makkah Mukarramah , there are certain rituals which need to be performed . These include taking a bath known as ‘Ghusl e Janabat'(ritual bathing) , wearing ihram clothing (two white seamless pieces of cloth), reciting Talbiyah etc . After performing these pre – umra rites , one should proceed towards Meeqat where he / she has been assigned by their respective tour operator .

Step 4 : Entering into State Of Ihram From Meeqat :

Upon reaching meeqat , pilgrims enter into state of ihram after making intention (Niyyah )for Hajj or umra . This is done by reciting talbiyah aloud three times while facing Kaaba Sharif located in Masjid Al Haraam Shareef

Step 5 : Arrival at Airport:

Arriving At Jeddah Airport And Proceed To Holy Cities For Performing Umra Rites In sequence once arriving at jeddha airport pilgrim proceeds straight away towards holy cities like makka mukarma madina munawwar ah following immigration rules set up by saudi govt

Step 6 : Ziaraah

Visiting Prophet Mosque And Other Sacred Sites In Madina Munawwara Pilgrims visit prophet mosque masjid nabawi shareef alongwith historical sites related to our beloved prophet saw including quba mosque baqi graveyard jannatu al baqi etc

Step 7 :

Moving Towards Makka Mukarrama For Performing Remaining Religious Activities Now its time move forward toward makka sharif where remaining religious activities take place under guidance of hajj guide who helps out pilgrims throughout journey.

Steps 8 & 9 

Perform Tawaaf & Sa’i Around Kaaba Sharif After entering haram area visitors perform tawaaf seven rounds around kaaba followed by sai between safa marwa hills this completes major part of umrah rites.

10th Step :

Offering Prayers At Maqaame Ibrahim Finally offering prayers at maqaame ibrahim situated inside haram sharif marks completion of entire pilgrimage process”

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